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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OHMYG , Guess what came into the mail?

I have been shortlisted as Style Scout under Fast Forward Fashion competition.
First assignment : Who is your style inspiration is and why?

Basically when i chanced upon the email i was alittle shocked and happy of course
Shocked because, i dont expect myself to get shortlisted when there so many other good bloggers/writters out there better then me. And next ,obviously i am secretly happy + this is definatly a perk me up, when i got 3projects to hand in this week.
I am HAPPPPPY LIL GIRL~! keke. ^^

So have you peeps ever really wondered ,
WHERE? WHO? my style inspiration is & WHY?
Wellwell, i dont really get inspirations from the big brands like Alexandra Mcqueen , Chanel etc

Is more like local fashion bloggers, like

Why i consider them as a fashion blogger?
For Rachel,
bascially i think she is like awesome in terms like she could just play around with her dressing,to make up to hair and create wonders that you never expect! Or even wacky ideas or suggestion to keep you up to trends!
Andand whats most important is,
the apparels she worn is so pocket friendly! ^^

For Melody,
her style is more or less inspired from some brand or rather herself, her own BOLD ,DARING style. That i myself might not be even able to pull it off, but well there's definatly a way to go to it right?

My point of view in fashion, there's no right or wrong because basically everyone has different perspection/perspective/views/ideas/suggestions on a certain side of fashion. In fashion, there's no right or wrong but there's always trial & errors. If you cant pull this off, then experiment or mix it! Well, fashion is all about Dressing up, making the world your runway , and making your bedroom like the backstage of the make up / dressing studio. Thats how i personally feel, because very much during my lazy or couch potatoes days, i like playing up with different styles from my wardrobe, from my hair to the different apparels i have in my wardrobe, living room is like my runway, mom & aunts are like my audience. I really like doing fashion shows at home, like is so fun ! You will get nice, funny, wacky , werid comments coming out from your loved ones!

For Benjamin toh,
Why do i get inspire by a guy , you may think?
But if you follow up on his blog, you will realise some of his buys he actually got them from women's apparel shop. Like he worn a female tee shirt kind of thing, i really think is pretty cool,
And one thing about him i am inspire was, his COLOURS!
I really like BOLD LOUD COLOURS!
And he definatly did it! (:

For Tammy tay:
Is very much similar like melody but not as much high-end or even BOLD. But tammy do have her own style n very much playing with prints, embellishment on apparels & COLOURS as well! ^^

or even i get inspiration from magazines i read from like,
Simply her

Or lastly stores like ,

I really like how the fashion magazines or even how the store manniquine dresses up or mix it up the different colour, style to put it together.
And it looks really awesome.
I just love browsing ,shopping or even window shopping at the areas i mention. (:
It really give you an idea of how is done ,
or how you could put maybe from a horrible pc of top n turn,twist,rock it into one then people how marvel all over it! (:

Gotta go lovepies, do market research on banana republic now.
I will come back soon to blog again, i promise .xoxo


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