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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday,friday let's get down on friday...

It's TGIF today, but what worth me looking forward was meeting bby sissy for dinnerc
hitchats been awhile since i met her ! Miss her soooo much . hehehe. ^^

& so we head over to Ps.Cafe for dinner,
it was my first time there, but the ambience was soo nice & awesome seriously.
i could really done in there the whole noon w a book in my hand to read
and have tea & cakes (:

here's the name card , if anyone of you wants to go:

Julene ordered Cold Chocolate:

While i had rockmelon & watermelon smoothie :

Here comes our main course:
Mine , chicken in basket.

(definatly thinks i am boring right, cause i am not sure if
the flavours n tastes here suits me,
shall ordered something comfortable then! ^^)

Julene - some kind of pasta w mushroom i think. But it looks really good.

PS: The food portion here are super huge !!!
Wait till you see our Dessert, you will be shockeddd!

Something, for the sweettooth(dessert)

This pc of cake cost us $15.90, and we definatly know why? Because
is so thick n big slice of it. The both of us cldnt finished it seriously, not even half
was nom-ed up! Amazing?

PS: for some reason i think this place is nice for couples too!
Couples, go there n dine it certainly impress the girls! Like seriously, i want
to go back there someday again. (:

Took, Pose, Cam-whore w my lil girl:

Goodnight, shall end this random photo of us! xooxo


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