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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter day.

To: the most awwesome grandma i met,

Remembering every year of this day,
grandma would always ask me if i wants to go over to
her church funfair, this year she didnt cause she is in coma right now .
But what makes me happy was she is making tiny step of improvement, her left eyes open alittle, but most of the time she closes her eyes.
Everything seems like she is in semi coma. ):
Then again each time we talk to her, she smiled, she cried.
Grandma i miss you. Please wakes up.
Grandma, i ...we ...everyone is awaiting for you to wakeup.

I am happy cause school is off for me & everyone elsa. (:

So I woke up in the noon, and had brunch over at East Coast Park TungLok Resturant
Having dim sum w mom & aunt doreen .

Slack photos of them : Without make up , hehehe

And i wonder did you miss seeing my face at all?

Here come the DELICIOUS YUMMY BITES ...........

Soft shell crab w cereal bits

Honey dipped char siew sliced

Bananna w red bean paste

Fried carrot cake. (:

Char siew soh

Panda flavour mini egg tart

xiao long bao

Prawn roll

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Is tea break time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I like this paper cranes at parkway ^^

Pear Ice blended

Wacky waffles w bannana ,a icecream ^^

Remarks: TungLok was awesome, but not the xiaolongbao.
Tobys is my all time favourite, if you pop by parkway remember to give it a try! XOXO

~Home sweet home~


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