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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mother's day to all mom in the world.

thanks for bringing me up, thanks for toleranting my rubbish.
Thanks so much for waiting up for me, each time i head out to party.
Sorry to made you worry each time i didnt pick up the phone, or didnt reply the text
Sorry for picking up fights, when you are always trying to give me the best in life.

i love you mom.

To my dearest Aunty doreen,
I thank god that you re the pillar when me n mom fell down badly or even at our lowest point
you re there with us. Thanks for the countless shopping deals, pampers, dotes you showered upon us.
Sorry when i throw you attuide, crude words
thanks for your ever loving dote & shower. (:

Church in the morning w mom & aunt cabbed over to Takashimaya Tiffany& co ,
to get cousin 21st birthday gift & mini tea break at TOAST

And drop mom off at THE SCENE at wisma to get her hair perm,
while me & aunt went for lunch at ding tai fung.


Afterwhich, walked over to cinelesure.
Wanted to get a pair of Dr. marten or Sperry ,but nothing caught my eyes,
till aunt brought me over to the top level, Rockstar.
Aunt got me a pair of Pointers to cheer me up, loud in color, and i am definatly loving it! ^^

So much for shopping , is time to head over to The line @ Shangri la

for mother's day buffet dinner w Aunt rosemary,
cousin raphael , cousin reuben & his girlfriend elaine.

Failed to capture the beautiful place,

but i made an effort to capture the plates of food i eat! HEHEH,
Dont drool all over your laptop please, get a tissue first :

Alittle bit of everything i want to eat:
Siew mai
Lian yong bao

Roast duck
char siew
Roast pork

Pita bread
Orange agar agar
watermelon & honeydew

Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate cake

White & dark heart shaped chocolate
Chocolate mousse

strawberry & heart shaped biscuit dip in chocolate fondue

End blur picture of me & aunt doreen

Uncle ronnie came to drive us all back home! (L)


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