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Monday, December 20, 2010

Glutinous rice ball in the making.

Tomorrow is eating glutinous rice ball day, and i am soo excited because grandma is finally granting my wish to make our own tradtional glutinous rice ball, instead of the instant ones from supermarts. I remember clearly, when i was younger grandma n i would always make our own traditional rice ball, the kind that add our own coloring, dough it up, n roll into lil balls! I like the kind of feeling, is the kind of special bond with grandma. (:
Anyway let's get it started!
Here's what you need to make glutinous rice ball :
Coloring powder:
Pandan leaves :
Glutinous rice flour:
Brown sugar:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~process of making~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Featuring :
My lovely grandma & her bestfriend aunty margarte

Ending post with my lovely grandma (;


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