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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brunch@ tung lok & Walking with dinosaurus
Had a happy lovely brunch at chinese swimming club with cousin zera, aunt doreen ,aunt rosemary & my lovely mom! (:
Cousin Zera & Aunt doreen

Chilli & prickles (:
Mommy ordering dim sum! (:
Presenting you drooling-licious yummy food picturessss:
Claypot boiled soup with pork ribs:
Piping hot Steam char siew bao :
Bejing duck:

Steam pork ribs:
Egg tarts:

Xiao long bao:
Fried carrot cake & fried spring roll :
Pan fried char siew bao:
Ee noodle with sliced duck meat:

GUI LING GAO+Chenteng & Coconut icecream with cereal

Uncle Philip came over to pick us over to Walking with dinosaurus with my lil cousin marius
Pictures down here:

Quene entering ,

Snacks,icecreams,drinks section:

For more details check them out here
Ending post with mom's staff lil kids. They are so adorable lovable! (:


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