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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Baking With Us! ^^

Christmas is drawing near, and everyone is preparing for parties, gift exchanging.
well this year i decided to go for alil twist , instead of gift exchanging and all, i decided
to bake my loved ones some cookies. And in additional , me & shine & gian long we came up with
milo flavour, horlicks flavour cookie! Is really yummy. And here's are some photos i put them together n would like to show all of you using a premix and get things done.
While we always do from scratch, this time round we are introducing you BETTYCROCKER
cookie premix brand, for good tasting yummy cookies! (:

Psssss: just to let you know pictures are capture over the period of 3 days, from 21st-23rd dec.
So here first stop,where we get our cookie pretty plastic bags n other cute stuff:

So here we are at the cooking tools section, items here are lovely n whats best is priced $2!

Some random shot, taken on the way rushing to the toliet to peepee before heading over to carrefour to get our premix ><


Part 2 : reach my place n flop onto the cosy sofa before starting to bake our way thru midnight!

Of course, gian long came down to help us, not only in cleaning up, kneeding the dough , & also tasting cookies! (:

Here's what you need for cookie premix:

Here we go on the jounery of mixing them:

firstly , butter n premix :

Here comes the egg:

Me kneeding the sticky not yet ready dough, *yes pardon my unglamness in this post*

Dough being rolled n spread, preparing to get cut out!

Cut out shapessss! whees ^^

Time to place them on the tray n get send into the hot piping oven!

First batch attempt MAJOR FAILED, dued to wrong temperature n wrong oven setting!

Shine with her handly cut out cookies!

Sending them to the burning hot oven!

Gian long kneeding the dough!

mom came out to check our baking process out, n advises/tips to us

Cooling down of cookie freshly baked from oven!

in the midst of kneeding another batch:

Milo cookies have been freshly baked out from oven :

Unglamnesss, stretch stretch !

counting the cut out dough,

Waiting for cookie to be ready, is like 3+am already. ):

Packed into lil bags ! (:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after much , we all take turns to bath n cam-whore before sleeping,

see our funny idiotic faces. To end this post, i will post you the most ridiculous photos of us in wet hair! XDXDXD


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