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Friday, November 19, 2010

is friday, & whats makes it happy is i get to dinner with my friends! (:
Happy 24th tanja!

Had job briefing today, for my weekend promoting vitamins job for 5 weekends.

So i met up with joshua,ellen & jacq(a new friend i made today,she is really nice, we shared the same interest in food! )

And so ,while we 3 girls went for briefing joshua went for drinks at a nearby chillout pub.

After briefing ended, jacq & ellen went over to bugis to get a mini cupcakes while me & joshua headed over to get tanja a birthday gift from all of us!

-----> insert
As you know everytime each time i head over to haji lane, Icecreamman is the last thing i could ever resist! And yesss, today they are serving peanut butter! i totally love it and also they are trying out mixed berries in cream based, is soo yummy please!

Of course because i was sick, so ice cream was shared between me & joshua! ahaha

And perfectly we found the right gift, and laura & her aunt,uncle & their baby came to met us up! And so, we splited ways, because they are walking over to chijmes while
me &joshua are taking a cab down to chijmes as my heels is hurting me real bad, aww.

As soon as we reached chijmes,we headed over to the resturant we are having dinner, and so tanja(birthday girl) , ellen & jacq.
And not long after , laura,laura's aunt & uncle n baby is here &
also stanley n eunice & shine is here too! (:

And so, is time to order some food to kill our hungry pangs! (:
Here's whats each of us order, a main so we could all try n share! (:

Here's some funny cute pretty pictures i took:

As soon as, everyone is digging to the last bit of dinner n started chatting .
Jacq & i went over to the table behind to poke the candle into the cute cupcake

and surprisingly present her cupcakes for birthday! (:
After dinner, we went to dollhouse to chill.Didnt really like the ambience there tho.
Chill for awhile & shared cab back with stanley while therest head for rebel.
ps: i will try to blog more like past week, my thoart is killing me alr.
Sick since my birthday,aww. ):


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