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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today is public holiday, so = no work.

Planned with angeline to go gym today, but planned failed because we r both so lazy
but hopefully we r going to make it thru manzz. Elsa is waste of money. ):

And so we planned to watch movies too, but planned failed because the meeting time is kinda of
late already, so we forgo the plan. * kinda of upsad tho, because i really have a list of movies i
want to catch*

So , we actually dig into food today. Is somewhat happy & a tingle bit of saddness because it means i am gaining weight again! Awwww, ):

Okays, i am really gaining weight. i will just go back to organic life style after this coming week on earlier. heehee. Way to go ,hannah! slimslim hannah ,yeahs!

So as we decided to planned to watch a movie over at plaza singapure & it failed so we decided
to pop by Just acia,
the food there is yummy & price reasonable!
Here's what we ordered:
Terriyaki chicken set & herbal chicken set

Oh did i also mention ,they have free flow of drinks & ice cream? heehee.

Next stop, planned to meet ellen at wisma ,so we decided to go to Tcc for tea & cakes
while waiting for ellen! heehe.
Here's what we have for cakesssss :
Presenting you me & my tea- magic garden

Presenting you angeline with her french earl grey tea:

Insert conversation--->
Me: so this tea &cakes will be our dinner.
Angeline: okay loh,
Me: This is our dinner leh
Angeline: you want eat something elsa hur?
Me: i dontknow?
Angeline: act dontknow
Me: okay loh you want order food from here(tcc)?
Angeline: here got this place sells very good xiao long bao leh,
Me: i know is din tai fung!
Angeline: you want anot?
Me: i dontknow leh, heehee
Angeline: how come your face look like xiao long bao, small small one, nose also smallsmall
like the top part of xiaolong bao, then imagine i bite you the soup come out.
Me: wahlao! you see my face you say xiaolongbao, see till like hungry like that loh.
Angeline:really what.
Me: okokays loh
Angeline: okays let's hop over!
Me & Angeline: HAAHAHA~

Din tai fung,here we come!!~
5mins later~!
we ve reached!

longan red dates drink~
Xiao long bao is loved

veg with shredded pork!

Presenting human ver. of xiao longbao eating xiao long bao!

Then off to meet ellen & cabbed down to butter! (:
Home sweet home @ 3am+.


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