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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes you just cant tell from a person, even so you knew the person for long,
Anyway, did anyone missed me from blogging? i secretly hope there is.
Sorry for the locked up of twitter because some girls out there just aisnt happy with me, couldnt be bothered with them either so i guess locking up is good,
as sometimes i could really vent all out on twitter without worries.! I would so loved my bestfriends re all on twitter so we cld communicate even well! haha.
Back to the topic, today is my no.1 bestfriend angeline birthday. Happybirthday to you bff! (:
And i met up with jiahui today, yesss my no.2 bff despite we havnt met for ages.
Catch up session @ icecream man at haji lane for icecream.
Jiahui & her icecream in exotic passionfruit & mango & strawberry cookie
Mine is sourcream & strawberry cookie
verdict: strawberry cookie is alil too sweet, but with sourcream ard , the combination
is awesommme! (:
pppssss; you must be surprise why didnt we have waffles today,
because we r both craving only for icecream. hehehe
To actually think,two sick girls, having icecream we sure asint gonna recover from our cough! hahaha.
Anyway, i really enjoyed my day with her despite some stuff happened over the past few days, n also something that involves me ,her & louis. Well, everything happen for a reason, happen at a certain time too. I guess god wants me to know who r the real kind of people around me.
Then met up with laura & her mom n co for dinner awhile before heading home! (:


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