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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Belated birthday dinner with bestfriend angeline. (:
Worked the whole morning till early evening,
did i mention sheisbeing so sweet to get me this vitamin drink,
Is really yummy, tastes like pink dophine excatly! ((:
& had dinner as planned with angeline over at V8 at bugis junction.
(angeline treat to me, as my birthday gift)
I never really notice there was this resturant cafe called V8.
The prices of the food are reasonable too ! (:
Anyway, here 's what we ordered:
Angeline enjoying her earl grey tea.
hot chocolate for me,
mine verdict: is alilte too thin, as in the taste asint that rich.

soup of the day,
Angeline& mine verdict: the soup taste so werid!

Crispy Garlic bread
Mine verdict: not bad.
Angeline verdict: really nice leh! xD

Fish & chips for angeline
Angeline verdict: niceee leh!
mine verdict: worth eating ! is yummy leh.

Chicken cutlet for me.
Mine verdict: not bad! i love the skin as usual.
Angeline verdict: your cutlet skin like so crispy loh! heehe

Chicken wing
Mine verdict:the chicken not very cooked, i can see blood. eeewk.
Angeline verdict: yumyumyum* nice!
(psss; angeline eat finish every pc of chicken wing)
After dinner, we went for window shopping. Saw a offer lil bow pouch :
is pretty cute, i swear. Even angeline's has one too! heehe.
Afterwards, headed for lectures while angeline headed back to her crib. (:


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