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Sunday, November 14, 2010

20th birthday.

Special thanks to people who wishes me thru facebook & sms to my phone.
Truely felt loved & glad you peeps remember, even thoit might be actually facebook reminding you, but still you peeps make an effort to leave a comments.

Thru facebook wishes:
ahmiko chua,laura,ellen,
ryan chew,jiawei,jeff chua,
gordon teo,chris teo,farhan,
alexaudrey fayne,renytte,
brian ong,atiqah,
donovan tan,fang yi,weixuan,
jeff poonong,dallas,leonardlim,
lijia,kenneth chow,moog jon,
justin ng,junze,sebastian ang,
teck ching ,poh lee,johnathn lim ,
sarah siew,fuliang ,joey,
lucas ,xue goh,angeline,bryan,
samantha,jiarong,alex toh,
gline bowman paige,jermey peace,audrey alyssa,
gerald lim ,marcus quek,elaine,
ah kun,terry chew,lhx,
wei xiong,ee ling ,ayden
samuel oh,calvin tan,weilun,
jia hui choo,dennis ng,wei jie ong,
cloud yap,raney huang,Tee Walowski,tackey

Thru SMS/Phone call surprise wishes:
zheng han,eunice,eric tay,louis,mark wong
matthew,kyria,desmond ng,weilun
julene,bec,desmond(kenneth's friend),andrew
lincoln,tiffany,joshua(ellen's friend),joshua zheng
timonty,ben goh,eric neo,joshua sum,angeline,jiaxing,
aunt rosemary,marcus huang,waiyang,zhihao,lydia
mummy,aunt doreen,raphael,nicholas(boss),reno
actually people whom know me inside out, i still would want a birthday cake. Is like to me without a cake is nothing, but ohwell,

i still appreciate people like laura coming all the way down just to have dinner with me! (:
And special thanks to mom & raphael 'cousin to have a meal together! (:
chicken on bread for handsome raphael (:

fish & chips for mom! (:

Sides shared by 3 of us!(:

mango slushies ! (:

Mushroom cappociuno soup, for me birthday girl! (:
Thanks each n everyone of you, even tho is a simple one. But i truely enjoys myself! (:


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