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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick update for the past fews days & so on,

Anyone missed my interesting posts? *secretly, someone do ! * HAHAH

Oh well, i will try to squeeze in an interesting post/topic this week okays.
This week is kinda of packed for school & part time work, so please bear with me for this week.

A slight update that what has been keeping me entertain is my newly brought in TAMAGOTCHI!

Is been sucha an o'school thing to some , but is definatly again mu new favourite loved! (:
But sadly to announce that tamagotchi : Bb ,male,age 3 has just send me a letter of goodbye - passed away.
But Currently new tamagotchi : MIMI,female,age 0 , has born!
will try to entertain it as much as possible
if time allows! heehee ^^

PSSS: tracy & i got our tamagotchi at a real dirt cheap price & whats more we went to the machine to get this two cute panda(s) out and hang on to our tama(s)! (((:

Then again, just to fill you in alittle, this are the few common things that i will never goes bored,

because they will always be in my bag to keep me entertain!! (:


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