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Friday, October 1, 2010


Thank god is friday today -----> most commonly since on fb /twitter status hur? haha.
Wellwell, for once after sooooo long i am actually out on a friday night!
Been a good girl for sucha a long long time, i didnt went out late till the night/next day.
School been busy for me to catch up on, starting production drawing next week.Feeling kinda of vexed tho,
because it also relates to drawing garments- most commmonly said : fashion designing. Well is not the garment
design i am vexed over but more likely is the seams & stitches part. I kinda of suxxx at that topic. Tsktsk, i really
ought to put in EXTRA MORE efforts in now before assignment(in the other terms: exams) is here! ): *STRESSS*
And so i gotta to meet up with missfayne from( in the evening @ orchard ion ,to pick-up my strappy frock that is altered into a top & also my long awaited chanel inspired clog(imported fm korea).

For most of you who didnt know this online store, all i could tell you is ; she is a understanding young lady, &also
her prices for items are reasonable too! So , go on support her items & her manufactured items! The items can feast your eyes, & really is worth your moolahs! (: Psss; i have been her loyal customer since like dontknow how many years! She is really nice! (:
And in the midst of waiting for missfayne , i went to Acessorize at ion for mini spree shopping.
So many items caught my eyes, but i couldnt get them all, elsa i will be really really BROKE! So i got myself
this cute beads & bead fabric braclet at $38.90 , the price is really steep hur? But i guess is kinda of worth it dont you
think so? --->
Needa save more money to go MORE shopping over at Acessorize over at ion! Definatly the items are soo much
more feasting then diva! Even tho the price is even more steeper, but well if is pretty who cares?! HAHAHA! (:
Next , would be heading over to meet up with Tracy & Jiaxing . Headed over to Bugis, wanted to get my favourite
loafers, but unforunatly my size is SOLD OUT! I feel sooo upsad i tell you, is like awww man when i am finally here for
shopping and bump into this.........! Sigh, so far i hasnt found any pretty cute ones yet. So yeahs, oh well
at least i got myself that bracelet right? It kinda of makes me go really happy & altho at the same time the heartache
for my pocket, but ohwells is worth it. (:

& then soon after louis arrived drive us over for ice cream at tanjong katong road : LITTLE ICECREAM KAFE

my favourite ice cream outlet other then just marbleslab! I want to try their icecream buffet someday manzz! heehee
Me & louis shared waffles with wild strawberry & oreo.

Psss, for some reason the oreo tasted kinda of werid, but when
we ate it with wild strawberry it tasted yummy!
And of course we also ordered a can of green tea to quench our thirst! (;
Sooo much for the yummy ice cream , i sooo still feel like eating again. So we went next tho to have mee sua!
But unforunatly i didnt finished, because is sooo spicy that my lips felt like it was on FIRE! Well, people who knew me inside out ,knew i could never take chilli because side effect wld be : tearing, lips redness & tummyache. ):
So yeahs, wasnt really satisfied tho,
but at least i tried something new :
Dry mee sua with mince pork & pork balls.
  While tracy had the usual kway teow(dry),
you shld have see the hugmongus fishball, is supper fat n round!

But kinda of cute in the way! haha (:
After eating , we headed over to marina barrage. Been so long since i went there. And is my second time there ONLY!
AND GUESS WHAT?! The toliet is sooooo dirty, exspecially in the cubicle pleaseee, fresh blood on the santiary pad!!!

but first time in the night! The scenary was really a HAWT manzzzz.

And i didnt know you could actually fly a kite in the night,

the special kind with lights or even the normal ones. It still looks sooo pretty!!!
I want to go fly kitey soon, *HINTHINT*! hahaha
Luckily i bought my dslr out, so i could snap the people, the place! (;
At last home sweet home at 4.45am! (:  
PSSSSS; More photos will be up on fb! (:


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