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Saturday, October 9, 2010

(As promised , a interesting post will be up. I hope you earthlings wld enjoy, as much as i do! ) ^^
Is a lazzzy saturday, i didnt want to head out to town, or prolly i couldnt as my right eye lower lid still hurts
as bad as the past few days Or should i say just slightly getting better.
Well, after so long like prolly about a month or more then a month i finally met up with my all time best friend angeline. ( she is like the only one who knew me inside out, supported me thru those days, if you get what i meant. Friends since secondary school, we are close like till the state we could actually reads eachother mind!)
Anyway we totally had a fun time catching up , gossiping as usual and we did alot of eating today!
Insert----> Opps, we are at bugis junction btw, (:
First stop:
Wong Kong Char Chan Teng , Hongkong Resturant
Peanut butter french toast:
Angeline verdict: Not bad, what.
Hannah verdcit: I dont really like it, i still prefer the normal one.
Ham & bacon sandwich:
Hannah & Angeline verdict: YUMMMY! Worth it! (((((:
Chicken Wing:
Hannah & Angeline verdict: Still as yummy as ever.
pssss; hannah loves chicken wings skin. Yes the most oily part, she loved it best! ((:
Lemon green tea:
Hannah & Angeline verdict: It tastes perfectly fine.
we thought it might taste werid, but is fine! ((:
2nd stop: Let's Sweet. Japanese buffet & sweets
Be surprised there's actually a time limit for you to dine in there!
Another surprise is that they even has a mini clock on each table,
to let you know time's up , and you got to leave.
Gosh. totally surprisee me, kinda of stress to eat with a clock ticking, but well we all know the cafe aisnt very big
and what if the clock aisnt there, some people would have just slack after eating there, and the poor people has to wait n quene all day long just for a table asint it? awwww, is really kinda of heart-warming to know the boss has the thoughts tho. (:
And here's what we picked out from the buffet, from pasta ,rice,cakes,dessert,drinks.
Mousse mini cakes & cream puff. YUMYUM! (: & alittle of fried rice,hashbrown,pizza,chicken
Apple jelly, pie tart, cheesecake
Drinks maker, chocolate fondue ,with marshmallows, sliced apple, sliced pineapples
One of each to dip in the fondue! (: & angeline is really enjoying it! (:

;OUR VERDICT ; Not very worth the price unless you really are some big eater!
----> went to accompany angeline to get her items from giodano,then off to meet mommy& cousin raphael
to EAT AGAIN at mof! (;

Totally love the cute tea cups. !! (:

Yummy ice shared by me & angeline. (:

Food ordered by mom & raphael.
OUR VERDICT: Let's come here together for buffet next time!! xD
Bought take away yami yogurt in tub home, cabb-ed back together! (:


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