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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ice Cream Man at haji lane, have you heard of it ?

Is friday today, which also means a just girlie date with my bestfriend angeline!
Yes, just both of us again!
We are the food gurus bestfriends. (:
WE love to talk about everything under the sun,

i am glad we've been friends from secondary school days till nao, and prolly i hope it last forever can?
*dear god i hope you dont take away this bestfriend of mine away,
because she got to be the most awesome bestfriend i ve got!*
So much for that, let's us to take you down to Icecreamman in haji lane! I happen to saw their fanpage in facebook
and always updating the funny,cute,wacky flavours i thought it will be a good idea to pop by tgo see how the place
look like and also try n most important i get to spend quality time with my best friend! (:
Ps: i totally love how they design the cute paste on sign board, the cute wording of icecreamman! (:
Here 's come their yummmy exciting ice cream! xD
For drinks, they dont serve the usual green tea or cola, they have their in house special,
it looks so cute n unique~!
Papaya drink(PAPAYA? Maybe can boost your boobs size? hahah),
almond drink(heard, almond is good for skin!),
soya bean(my fav)
We found two red lil cute seat, unforunatly the cozy sofa seat is taken.
aww, but we will take a seat while waiting for the cozy sofa seat! heeehee! ((((:
Seee! The table is filled up with games, like the very o'school kind.
My childhood favourite is there too! (OLD MAID)
hahah. PS;Angeline acting demure in this photo, hahaha!

See their menu is up on the glass wall, is written with marker, how cute is that! Not just words, but drawing too!

OH , did i mention that ,they have this like chalkboard, for you to scribble things on?
Chalks r provided! (:

After 5-10mins of waiting, the space at th cozy area is finally , free!
So kaisu hannah asked angeline to go grab the seat while
she cam-whore the place with her dslr as usual! HAHA (:
(PS; she is finding something in her bag, thats why the face. HAHA)
And soon , we ordered our waffles & ice creams! YEAHS! (:
(ps ; each waffle set, come in 2 pc of waffle, so i suggest you to order just one plate of waffle,
so you & a friend cld share them, let's dont waste food like we did. BUt we learnt our lesson .)
waffle in maple sauce, for hannah! & waffles in strawberry sauce for angeline! (((:

Yellow - Passionfruit & Mango. Is called exotic for this ice creamif i didnt rmb wrongly! haha
Red- Very berries.
Brown- Chocolatey .
White- Vanilla witgh mini baby choco balls.

I will not just snap on the food, but also try to snap on the close up of it.
The waffle is not the common crispy one, but it taste as good please!!! (:
Angeline trying out : Very berrie. Verdict: NICEE! (:
Hannah(namely me) enjoying the yummylicious of the waffles,
while angeline grobble it down al!
ps(pardon the messy table look)
But again, eating ice cream, messy is part of it, dont you agree? HAHA
Presenting you taster angeline with Exotic - mango&passionfruit! (:

My turn to finally eat, while angeline be my photographer, that give her a good laugh for the day.Cause
of my funny emotions! GHAHAH

Be quiet, i am enjoying my waffles! *SMACKSMACK** xD
Eating the ice cream now, sooo yummy pleasee! (:

This sweet lady here ,gives me a namecard, telling me to check out this particular people
like how to be some food blogger thingy. haha. I bet is hard to be a real good famous blogger
your english must has at least a standard? Must prolly do alot of photoshopping ?
My photos here on my blog are all 100% raw . I dont know how to photoshop, unless is some that i grab fm my friends
some they jjust do photo contrasting ,brightness ....etc/ but not photoshopping! (:
Our ending product , we r sooo full. ):
(sorry, we wasted our food. ):
Ending photo, with just sincerely us!

I hope you peeps will miss me , i will blog again soon.Like i promised every week an exciting post.
(fyi; it better not be food again, elsa i am turnin to a pig while you peeps drool over my blog like crazzy, hhaha)
Opps: I forgot to mention like their facebook, become a fan of them
And receive a free scoop on your birthday.
I did mine long ago, have you? (:


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