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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scarlet city @ amk hub = Holy innocent girlies & catch-up (:
(featuring : Alice, kelly,yanhui,pohlee & me)

Like finally after so long again, i met up with the girls. They are really nice people to invite me over
for the sing session. *thankyou ,girls* ^^

Anyway, have anyone been to scarlet at amk hub, is something like k-box/party world.
But lil did i expect is cheaper alot more then kbox/partyworld.
From what i heard from some of the girlies,
more people you will pay lesser at scarlet. And is kinda of cool tho.
I mean the size of the rooms, and all?
always thought is a place for older generation due to the the posters they always had at the front desk.

One person is entitled for a drink of your choice.
(Ps: heard that one drink actually cost $5 each) Kinda of Expensiveee manzzz.
Cam along with awesome fruit platter & tibits (:

We had a good happy time choosing songs, singing. And oh , kelly has really a good voice!
she doesnt even need the audio lah ! PRO! xD
The rest of the girls including me, needed audio. Because i cant read chinese,
depsite my speaking of chinese is rather fluent. But reading it is definatly a BIG PROBLEM for me.
Picturess :
yanhui & alice & shy pohlee
Star singer+all time cam-whorer Kelly & me (:
group photos (:

After which, we all parted ways and headed home. (:


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