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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bonitochico's 4th birthday bash & Grandma 's advance birthay celebration.

Having two event today, is kinda of tiring BUT fun! haha.

Met sarah babe in the morning at clake quay to go advance early to quene up outside Zirca.
Little did we expect ther're actually peeps much much more earlier then us!
We were really surprised, we thought we r the only kiasus ones ,but theres much more people like us.

Guess this is what you called : " the singaporean kiasus spirits" Hahah,

Next we saw few pretty babes, decorating the outside of Zirca with bonitochico printed balloons!
The colors of the balloons are pale-y color yet pretty awesome with the logo of bonitochico! (:

Also not to forget, we make a new friend in the quene, and thats fang yi !
She is really sweet & nice girl.
Later on pictures would be up.
First : we register with our names in the front counter and got a goodie bag each with lovely ballloon! (:
2ndly : finding good seat ,thanks to fang yi for finding the good seat so we cld all had a good view on the runway pieces fm bonitochico! (:
Really happy, and excited something new. ((((:
3rd: Ordered our drinks.
First coupon : orange juice & cranberry
Second : Cranberrrys ! (:
insert cam-whore of our goodie bags & us -------->

4th: Birthday bash starts & runway inspired pieces showcase!
5th: drop our cut outs in the lucky draw boxes.
Though is a high chance we might not win, but all of us secretly hope we won our favourite pc! hahaha
6th: The end of birthday bash. With all smiles, on the faces of the ladies/hunks.
Pictures of us. Me ,lovely sarah & fang yi. (:

-----at mom's office before heading to grandma birthday celebration,mom's staff kids. they are soo adorable-----

####################Grandma's advance birthday celebration########################
Dinner at the same usual place, ponggol seafood resturant(Grandpa's sister own the resturant).
I guess the standard of the food are really dropping, fm young i have been eating/sampling their food,
up till to date i guess past standard is sooo much better then now.
I guess is time they need to change the cook! hahah
Oh well, i personally really think the standard of the food is lousy.
Picture of almost everyone & on foodieeee! xD
Drived back to hougang, sing a birthday song, blow candles, cut cake!

End the post with our usual cam-whore. I hope you misss me,readers!
I will be back with awesome posts soon! (:


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