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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy belated 45th sg! (:

It was singapore's 45th yesterday, I had a wonderffffuuuuul time meeting o' friends in the morning at marina square & ofcourse family gathering over at Marina Bay Sands.
Mom & aunts booked a hotel room at marina bay sands.
Despite the pricing of a room, it is worth it! Because everyone had a wonderful time,
even me myself! my body ,hands,arms totally ache fm capturing the beautiful scencerys ,people ... around (:

And so start off with my day over at marina square:
reach super early , and guess what the rest were LATE! zz. ):
Seriously, hate to wait, when the mall is soo smmall, nothing much to browse ,window shop. ):
So i spam text kel to wake up of course, then follow by kaiwen & andy. HAHA, eventually they arrived.
But i waited for more then prolly 2 hours or so ? hmmms. Kinda of boreding to wait alone.
Thank god for foodcourt & starbucks ,elsa i will be thristy ttm!
Celery+orange fm foodcourt & Choco chip frappe fm starbucks:

Not long after they arrived, got them to take photos! Well, this time our meetup seesssion
there's two missing person : Junjie & Felicia

Well despite that, i am happy enough. (:
andand ohoh, did i mention some friends like andy & kaiwen change alot?
They literally change & had grown up soo fast
Exspecially andy! Happy to seee them tho.
So here the group photos:

***********Next, I left them at KFC @ marina square .
And when over to DIAN XIAO ER entrance to meet mom.
They actually had finished the lunch without me know-ing. Awwww.
Well, is okay lah. The drinks i drank earlier should last me up for at least till dinner. (:

1st stop :The Shoppe marina bay sands
:Beanstro - Coffee beans

Surprisly,My lovely doreen Ah e & mommy bought me to have my lunch while they & my cousin zera had drinks.

And so nothing much appeals me in the menu,so i settled down for Penne with roast chicken.

I'm not a fan of tomato sauce, but is not bad afterall! The portion is just nice, for small eater like me. (:

2nd stop: Marina bay sand hotel

3rd stop : The pool
Cam-whore with cousin zera the whole few hours , while cousin raphael & his girlfriend fion was at the pool.
I was their photographer too, haha (: And cousin zera was my personal photographer too! hahhaa.

4th: back into the hotel room ,had dinner takeaways from MBS food kiosk. xD

5th stop : The pool & Skypark

Back to bed, but....... We all couldnt sleep well. Cause cause i am just not used to not having my bloster around.
Besides that we really dislike the pillows, tooooo soft already. I just love the bed,pillows at hyatt hotel ,is awesome! (:

****This morning, my breakfast had Vegetable rice ( CAI FAN) . Simply love their food, at the food kiosk,

Then again walk around the whole of MBS, went to see the overlook of the whole casios from above, but no photography alllowed. Lastly before heading home, Mommy bought us lovely yummy pastries from
Simply love that pastires boutique! xD
Above all, is soooo yummy! I want to try them all one fine day! hahaha
THE VERDICT: The eclaire is definatly not sinful. worth it, even if it is! (:
The verdict: the strawberry dark choco tart is YUMMYLY AWESOME!

*****swwweet Uncle came to fetch us all homed! ^.^


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