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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family warmth.

Been a good girl today, didnt went out. Exept for heading over to grandma's place for dinner &homemade with love grass jelly. Is been sucha long time since mom & i went over to have dinner with grandma, aunt,uncles & lil sweethearts(my lil coursins). (:

Tho is a simple spread of homecooked dishes whipped up by grandma , but still i really like the feeling of everyone gathering up & have dinner together. And oh , gguess what? Mom strike 3rd prize in 4D today, and so the treat to swensen after dinner @ thomson. You must be thinking why thomson, the wulu wulu(Old -fashioned) place, thats because it wouldnt be soo crowded and best of all the queue is soo short, shorter then the ones in airport &elsa places.

Anyway, my sweetiepie took in photo with toystory - buzzer. MAD CUTE.

despite needing to constanly watch my diet, still i give in to temptations this time round, but in kiddy portions.
Had kids meal : mini burger in ham&cheese.

The bread is suppppper soft! xD

Haze daze ice cream **YUMYUM** *smacksmack*
While my sweetiepie & the rest had :
-cheeseham omeletee
-Hawaiian thin crust!
-Creamy mushroom
Yepps & thats about that. Got to turn in now!
Ps: hey peeps, i will be right back at this space again.
Updating a post on flea market before next saturday 17july2010.
If you love awesome buys/bargain. Come join us at the flea over @ the arena saturday 17july2010!.
Details for this flea will be up soon! (:


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