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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello, did you miss me?

Is been awhile since i came back to this space to rants,to vent ,to talk about life,
to share with you & the world what i have been up to.
Well, is time to update alittle hur?
So,did anyone missed me? *grins

Life has been rather miserable .Flunked all my modules in school, Things didnt worked out between me & Eric.
Aunt doreen diagnose with breast cancer. And some issues that happened to me all at once. ):

I am back at this personal space again. Can i rant it out all here? Isit safe ? sigh.
Apparantly appearing like a cheerful bubbly girl infront of all my friends/family,
no matter how down/depressed iwas feeling.

I am sick & tired of acting like i am fine, like i always did. (sometimes not long later in life acting became part of my life, i totally forgotten how i could actually smile n smile n laugh n laugh all day long. How i could actually pretend nothing had happen at all) Things gets worst now, i think. Just feel so expressionless, feeling so moody.

Ps/: Can you not forsake this space, and check back in few days time again?
I promise i will not abandon this space again.


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