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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pocket burn-ed. ):

Fruitful day i had today! (:

met up with sarah, at town. wanted to roam & window shopped around the whole of town.
But unforunatly , we didnt. Because the sun was reeally killing us, just couldnt stand a singgle min in the sun recently.

So what to do on a really sunnny hot day,is to get a drink & grab a bite.
And so we both head over to Tcc, to ggrab the yummy bites & drink. (;
Like the ambience of this outlet , and the service crew is very much friendly too. (;

Next , headed over to Johnlittle to get my skincare products from KawaiiTokoyo from cherie ofcourse.
Intended to get just the scrub only, but well since there's a promotion going on, why not get the scrub & junsui.

And i feel a slight pinch of pocket burned. Oh well, what to do. Who ask US, girls/womens/ladies are soooo vain.

After it, head over to plaza singapura to shopped @ NET.
They are having good bargains, and soo happen i found a very earthly flora sandal & parsiley scraf, *MAD LOVE*

so got both of the item too, * POCKET BIG HOLE*

Laslty, met up with tracy to vivo to get some birthday gifts for the boys ,
then head over to chalet, to slack then cabb-ed home. * pocket burned again!*


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