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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chalet,ice cream kafe, nasi lemak.

2 chalets in a day, mad tiring.
Worst still it wasnt in the same place, one over @ downtown east, another @ coasta sands.
Anyway, here by wish happy belated birthday to junhao,max & douglas. (:

Met up with tracy over at vivo to get the boy's presents, then train-ed down to pasir ris
over to junhao chalet first.
Get to know a new friend named : ash .
nice, friendly guy. A nice friend. (:

Next head-ed over to max& douglas chalet. The crowd there was a big WOAH!
And the bbq smoke around that area is worst, my hair smells alot like bbq after that! ):
Oh well, we wish max &pass him & douglas the gift then we left , rushing to meet another grp of friends.
(What a busy day, we both girls had! )

Waited for eric,chenteng & melvin to drive us over to tanjoing katong road, had ice ccream first.
Because is closing at 12am, sooo ofcourse i want to try it first.
The flavours are duppperly yummy n interesting i tell you.
And the place is wonderful, cosy lotlot! (:

This is wht happen when you are not camera ready. haha

finally, tracy's is camera ready (:

Yummmy wild strawberry & camraml wafer.

Next headed over to eat Punggol nasi lemak.
Yummyummmy as ever, love the ever yummmy egggs & wings of course. And the slight crispy luncheon meat!

Ps; been a really glutton lately. Time to lose some kilo(s)! /:

home sweet home at 2am+ !


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