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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mad excited today! A supperly happy day, hehehee. (((:
Suuposely , today should be TBS day out. But unforunatly , emily couldnt make it due to busyness.
So met up with tracy over @ vivo city. (:
Walk-ed rounds & round window shopping, till tracy initiated to grab a light bite.
So we head over to THE SOUP SPOON.
Is my first time there, so i couldnt tell you much. Just that the foodd there taste real yummy.
Xspecially the cream mushroom soup tracy had, while i had some puff pastry! xD

The ambience is rather not bad either .Hated cafes/resturants that have customers talking out aloud.
(Example: Jack's place , Crystal jade..... *Not naming the outlets tho*)

Soon after , Cherie came along to find us.
Oh yes ! but the way i fogortten to introdduce cherie ,a new friend i know on monday @ plaza singapura.
Is way random of how we got to know eachother & clicked along well. *From a complete stranger to friends* (((:
After much luking at the resturant, we walk rounds & rounds finding perfect yet budget friendly items for cherie 's friends.(:
After much walking, i pop by to sheer romance afew times. And so i initiate a Sentosa trip for us girls, prolly this march.
Till i get slimmer down alittle more first. hehehe.
Went in there wanted to get some tankini tops or either monokini, unforunatly the designs arent vvery much what i wanted in mind. The used to be famous Sheer Romance store, wasnt soo fanstanic already. ):
Infact now i prefer alot on VictoriaSecret or even CocoBongo, their tankini.monokini/bikini are supremely hot stuff ! (:
But despite this , there always always something in Sheerromance that attracts me alot.
But still, i pretty love the brand : BLACK RASINIS over @ plaza singapura. Because the hawaii earstuds/hairclips/bands are in suppppper lots of colors.All the summers hues , you expected to see! And is made of soft clay the kind that would not break/crack if you drop it on the floor. But unforunatly is too costly, so give it a miss for now. But madly in loves with the summers hues colors with them! haha. (:
So much ,for ranting the brands i highly in love with, get back to the topic of sheerromance.

So tracy got a very nice bikini combination of purple pink. Is prettypretty! xD

insert message--- > WWhile tracy was changing, we cam0whore.
(Cherie look just like a doll)

And while i got a cute shade and also a nice hairclip.!

After that, cherie & us went separate ways. As she had dinner dates with her friends.
While i accompany tracy to NUH to visit her mom. *hope god bless her mom, and speedy recovery!* (:

After slacking for awhile, cabbed over to her place to charge my phone, as it is die-ing flat already, but still in the end i didnt manage to charge even for 5bars we got to run as cherie is on the cab picking us up to haji lane.

so what elsa you can do over at haji lane @ this late hr,?
Of course, is sheesha! xD

Oh well, for your information i dont smoke, and i dont smoke sheesha either.*maybe just afew puff*, but i enjoyed the food there haha, and of course the kind of sitting down on the carpets gossiping/bitching abt others ,catching up with ffriends, talking craps/jokes really makes my day somehow .(:
And the sheesha place we went there, was pretty awesome! (: *love the second level place, is mad cosy* (:

Shall do a detailed advertorial soon, for them ! (:
And oh yes! the mlikshakes @ the shop was yummy.

The items ordered yesterday was not too bad either. (:

After that, headed over to bedok 85, for a drink & supposely supper but didnt ate anything just drink.
Met benghwee & michael there too. And only to find out, singapore is pathatically small. Michael & terrence knew eachother. Woah, double woah manzz. .

Then after that all we did was,
slack & slack & slack and talk and talk and talk.
Home-ed @ 4amplus! (:


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