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Saturday, February 20, 2010

No titled for this post,
thats because i dontknow what to put the titled as. Sorry! ):

Lazy friday, had manymany errands to run today.
(pssss; unforunatly i didnt manage to run all the errands, cus of my dame bad headache! )
And well, as i said i had a extremely bad headache ,for the whole dame day! Didnt expect it, thought it would be like the usual kind that would just go away after awhile. but oh manzzzz. Whatevaer, i hate it . I just cant concentrate happily shopping around. ):

Oh well, i shall shorten my post today. My eyes are extremely heavy & pain now. Sorry, for that! ):

Well, went bugis junction today again. This is crazy manzz, i have been mopping around town & bugis junction lately and is getting boring n boring when your bank account is drying up. ):
Well, of course this time round my main purpose there is definatly not to shop but to meet up with my long time old friend ,Lydia. (: Is been really ages since we last talked on the phone, meet up for even lunches/dinner. I am busy with school while she is busy working.

And so, head-ed over to Mos burger for lunch, eric's treat (:
Yummyummy terryaki chicken burger without lettues & onions, is extremely yummyu! andand the fries too!
Tho is sinful, but well i am going to start my jogging plan soon! Needs to diet a slight little too! ))):
(means no more good food , ): and also while waiting for lydia & terrence.
Lydia was slightly late, while terrence was extremely late.
Oh well, roam around the whole bugis junction round and round, but nothing did really caught my eyes.
I guess i felt too broke to even look at the items! hahaa.
Soon after terrence came around like 6.30pm , my headache got really worst.
And suggested to go tcc for the comfy sseats & yummy finger food ! (:
And despite i am having my ultra dame annoying headache, how can i forget to take down the picture of the yummy food!
Pictures of lydia flipping thru the menu , eric & terrence dontknow doing what.
Lydia's passionfruit, terrence the dontknow wht drink , And eric's coffee kind with choco ice cream drink. YUM!
shrooms bites & melted cheese & prawn breaded thinggy. Is both yumyum, but love my shrrooms bites more! hehe
And and last but not leaast, introducing you dark devotion! Yumyum!
Vanilla ice cream with choco lava cake, the kind when you cut the cake, and the choco lava squish & snoose out.
Mad awesooooom ! (:
Is sooo yummy that i hope that i am going to visit them again, heheheehe ! (((((:
Soon later,about 7.30pm lydia left us as she had to start work at 8pm @ boatquay.
so leaving the 3 of us, enjoying the whole comfy seat awhile and also we were feeling bored till terrence suggested arcarde.
Then procceed there, and saw the big sweet+soft toy candy land machine. And there's one side with only like 4 more bars to hit jackpot, and of course we spent alotalotalot there, just to get the mickeymouse & the small little ones.
Exspecially to eric , you have been really nice & sweet lately. Thanks ! (:
Pictures of the soft toys we got, are down here. Of course, with mr eric face inside. Who ask him spend soo much on mickey, deserve to be in here. haha! (:

After candylane machine , proceed in watching terrence with the basketball . He is mad pro, i tell you.
So smart to even use one hand to throw it in can! (:
Should have video it down, so you peeps got the chancee to peek a boo alittle. hahaha.
Oh well, after the whole thing home sweet home! (:


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