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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shoes fetish , anyone?

Shopping againzzz as seen on my twitter. This is crazy , within 2days i have spend a total of 300+ , and
there gooes my poor empty account. ))): (Psss; anyone want to spon my allowance, awwww )
This is mad horrible, dried up account .Waiting to get filled up soon. )))))):

Oh well,push the sad part aside , let me tell you peeps what i actually found today! **GREAT SALES & BARGAINS**

First stop: Pizza hut
Is been ages since Sarah & me makan over @ kovan heartland mall pizza hut.
This place really changes alot, since our secondary school times & now.
And soon we have our breakfast+lunch = Brunch .

Tried okok-yummy stuff, but didnt manage to finish because was too full then.

Second stop : Garden Unisex salon

This fabulous aunty called May,is also the ladyboss of the salon.
She is extremly friendly, & of course so does her prices . ((((:
Her prices are extremly woooolalalala & pocket saving. (((((((((:
Be it a hair cut/treatment/hair color/highlight/perm, is super pocket friendly i tell you! (:

So of course, as usual Sarah & me we met up at kovan & did our monthly hair treatment!
Is not about pampering ourselves but because of the everyday sun that damages our hair, so we got to keep it really soft n smooth

Thats why our hair needs alot of nourshing ! (:

[Psss; instead of the normal steamingg of hair, May got this unqiue velvet cap to steam our hair. Mad cute& effective as well! (:

Third stop: Far east plaza
Weekday is the best time to shoppe @ far east , we says! (:
Thats because, you dont see crowds of girls raving over the same items as you see & craves for.
And the best part is, somehow the sales assistant treats you like queens & kings , because they are waiting for us the shopping queens to step in & make a purchase with them and so their attuides & everything is extremly N-I-C-E! hehehe.(:
Walked afew rounds, afew shoes again! caught my eyes, but it leaves me thinking what kind of dress or whatace should go with it. );
Oh well, i went on to maryjane sort of my favourite store to check any nice tops,.At least a flora halter caught my eyes, but then again! is too small at the bust area. Again! cant get it, cus suffocates my bust.)))):

Fourth stop: Anna Nucci
first glance of the store , my mind goes : eeewk, aunties shoes! Yucks!
Till sarah pulled me in, i was really amazed, they really do have nice & pretty stuff inside whats more the prices are being slashed now! And bonus is, they only comes in one size of each sizes per design. awesome, not?
Is like not all the girls out there, will be getting the same one as mine! Awesomex max! (:
And so i got a barbie pink mid heelies & a ribbon like a present mid heelies , is mad mad cute!

(pssss; sarah been saying i got a shoes fetish recently, but tontons already. Alright i think i shld stop buying! )

And also , i want to highly praise the goodness of the customer service. Goood, i say! (:
Is like they willing to offer to extend the frontal part of the heelies & also wax the back for me,
when i say it hurts alittle.
Sweeet not? Some you got to even asked for it.
But this cute store, doesnt need to. They are more automatic in the sense. (:

Fifth store: this cute open layout store just outside 77th street @ the basement.
(pss; sorry i forgotten to get the name down)
The items in the stores are mostly imported! and so thats why i liked the stuff alotalot! (:
And of course mostly the items either comes in one or two or even something just afew for a design.
Best of all, they slashed the prices already! awesommmme to the max again!
And of course, i get this ultra cute litle handphone pouch, with a pinch of chinna-ness & two mad mad cute bag prices being slash,

& best thing sales assistant give us a slight discount too! (:

So much for our shopping , leaves our account really thirtsy for moolahs, i got to really saved up now.
I gguess no more good food already. Well, somehow is good also, that means is diet time again! ehehe.
goodnight peeps! (;


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