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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dinner & prawn-ing session! (:

Dinner @ toa pahyo blk21 coffeeshop. Uncle peter's treat. (:
Yummy good deals & good food.
If you order set meals, you even get ice cream for dessert. those in cups kind, but is pretty cute anyways!
But only one thing, the food & servers are supppper slow. KEPT EVERYONE WAITING AND WAITING FOR DAME LONG.

I am not trying to kick a big fuss about it, just imagine the first dish took about 45mins- 1hour to serve, only to go to the counter and ask : excuse why aisnt our food served yet?
They replied: you didnt told us, to start serving.

Omgzzzz, mad horrible manzzzz. whatavaer lahs. (:
Other the the slow food serving, price & food wasnt that bad.

*if you can afford to wait, go ahead & try it*. (:

After dinner met up with angeline & her boyfriend, sky @ hougang mall.
Went roaming @ plaza singapura alittle while, before bus-ing down to prawn-ing place.

My first time to a prawning place with a addtional of crabbing.! Sort of excited at first, till i literally rot there & spend 3 hrs feeding mozzies with my blood. The Mozzies there are like FREE OF CHARGE , i tell you. literally horrible.
But thanks to angeline ,she bought some medicated oil along so i actually applied alot, so not much mozzies bit me already.
But still itchy itchy alittle. ):
Pictures will do the talking instead, literally mood/engery drain out!

Anytime going to K.O kind of thing. ):

Ps; little did i know, the prawn-ing place is just behind eric's place.
Is like mins of walks only, i still thought that got to cab over. haha
Well reached home @ 12pm the next day. );
Energy tank; EMPTY! zzzZ


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