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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello, hannah's lastest baby! (:

Finally change to a new number & sign a youth plan with singtel.
Lovelove singtel alot no, free unlimited smses to all services provider, & also free incoming calls.
Whats more is like 10mins a day for free outgoing. Pretty awesome manzzz! xD
(hope i would not exceed any phone billss, if not the excess i got to pay it myself) ):

Anyway, really got to thank my mom's for this.

Because i am sort of a sony ericsson user all this years, and sony has been giving me way too much problems always ggot to send for repair and i hate to travel up to the service center ,

whats worst is the quene are suppper long kind.):
So mom agree me to gget a new phone! (:
Infact the actual phone i wanted was Blackberry , but it was way toooo costy.
So i settle down for this, something like a blackberry inspired.
WHATSmore is that, that current baby(Nokia E72) has the fastest speed! xD

And nownow, the happy thing was, my baby has a new furry protector bed.

It fits in just right.! (: hhehehe
Looks kiddy, but that doesnt matter as long as it makes me happy. It all thats matter right?
why bother how others look at you, just be youself! (:

Ohkay, i shall end it here.
Just wanted to share my lastest baby & cute litle bedding for it! ahah (:


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