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Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy monday! xD

Been going out like lately, so expect more photos coming up yo!
Guess what, this coming saturday again exam. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

Goodness me, just dont understand why cant school/course manager/lecturers make it on a weekday. It literally ruins my saturday mood. Saturday blues. Awww. ):
Aww, skipped this first.

Am really mad mad happy today, you know why?
Because i get to to meet up with emily & tracy.
Yes, if you hav been a loyal follower of my blog, you shld know they have some sort of disappear from my alternativve links. Well, some misunderstanding happen here & there, and i sort of just disappear from their life. Anyway, since misunderstanding is cleared up, we are back as the TBS again.
Oh well, if you dontknow whats TBS is all about, is actually meaning : thebangssisters.
(Sounds kiddy yo, but oh well as long as we are happy with it. it doesnt really matters what others says. (: )

Oh well, is been really ages since the 3 of us started talking.
Is really heart -wenching when the 3 of us , just didnt talk/msn & all.
Oh well, forget the past, is the future we are looking at. HHEEH! (:
Oh well, had a yummy lunch over @ Ichiban Boshi @ hougang mall.

After lunch, we walk-ed emily to the bus stop, as she got to be home early . ):
After rotting in the mrt station for awhile, we headed over to plaza singapura for window shopped& movie.
Didnt expect to get myself anything, as was quite broke. Till went into this small little open outlet,
named: Fancy Pocket.

Oh well, i guess many girls out there, know which store i am referring to.
If you are the kind of girls who wants your phone to bling it up, or spice your phone to the madd kawaii decoration,
then you should be looking into this wonderful store.
Intitally i didnt expect myself to buy anything, only the special glue, as the hot pink ribbon pouch i got days ago, the furry ball fell apart. so no choice, to think that the glue actually cause me $13.90!
It sound cheap to some peeps, but not me . Caused i dont always used this kind of glue often.
And also got afew ribbon rubberband(s) & also a same fluffy ribbon handfone charm.
A identical one with tracy, only difference in colors! (:

And gguess what, i literally burn $28.90 away, just to get that few stuff(s)
The items in there are pretty ,cute & kawaii but...... You got to really be prepare to burn that hole in the pocket. ):

Next went for moive with beng hwee & michael caught this moive:

Movie titled: Percy jackson & the lightening thief.
Ratings: 5 yami yogurt to 5 yami
Comments: The show is really awesome, something worth my every penny of it.
Percy jackson is mad cute, his eyes. Woahs.
Even better then edward cullen, infact i dont fancy edward cullen looks, instead jacob.
He is like soooo dame mann kind of guy. (:

Oh yes! something about Caucasian, their eyes really does wonders. Even their hair be it curly or whatever it really does smittens a girl alot. Or isit it only happens to singaporean girls? Hahah.
Oh whatever, talking about caucasians, i thought of a guy friend i know online.
Sadly to say, we didnt get to meet up, as his dad came sg only for a short while,then he returned to his country. But he really is some sweet thing. Even i guess sweet talking beats A TYPICAL SINGAPOREAN. ( psss; i am not trying to say singaporean guys are not good , but singaporean guys are just not straightforward enough so .)

Soo much for the caucasians(Ang mohs), after movie michael & benghwee send tracy & me back home. Is like , sooo good! I can save my cabby fare. heheheh xD

Insert extra line----->
Tracy :Jiejie thanks for the understanding. Really stupid to hear wht the ass say, and misunderstanding just cmae over us. This wldnt happen again, even if it happens, we got to talk to eachother ok? Meloveeloveeeyou! xD
Emily: Let bygones be bygones. Hating someone is tiring , dont you think so? Now dont look at the past already, look forward into the future. TBS would be by you ,always rmb that! xD andand pleaseplease take good care of your health & also yourself. If you are not feeling happy or whatever, do cry it out, at least you will feel the least unhappy. (:
Cheer up & all the best to you. (:
Kenny: hey thanks for accompanyingg me to take the lift! appreaciated muchmuch! xD
Oh well, enough of this.

I got to run, bye readers! (:


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