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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A late greetings to 2010.

Sorrysorry for the late post, if you follow my tweets you peeps should known that i had fall sick & mense came to greet me on the first day of 2010, is like what a way to celebrate it.
But oh well, thats something all girls got to go thru it every month for that sucky thingy that guys dont have to go thru, but at least we girls skip army right? heheh wink*

And anyway, did anyone go to the squeezzy places like eg; marina,esplanade,vivo,..?)
I bet almost like 89percent of the singaporean or tourists headed over ther, well i didnt.
At least , i didnt this year. You definatly would think : "hey dont i like to see fireworks, and counting down. " Ohwell, who doesnt like fireworks? is prettypretty ,and if you have dslr you could take pretty photographs of it too, butbut other then pretty fireworks & the awesome crowd counting down together , i very very much hate people stepping on my heels/pumps , & the worst part is i could only whin about it, i couldnt like scold the person who stepped on it right?

And anyway, i countdown 2010 with bff angeline in mrt station somewhere that have staircase.
Alright i know it sound quite stupid ,but i dont see stupid cause you see at least i am counting down & having mad wonderful time with my bff. (:
We had a mad time cam-whoring, i think thats what every girls would normally blog about.
But i guess no girls would really blog about the unglams in their blog, will they? haha.
See my silly faces! (: Is only exclusivly for you blog readers (: Laugh at me, thats alright.
At least i kept you entertain for awhile. (:

Had a wonderful dinner & movie today btw.
We caught treasure hunter, overall of the movie i think is rather not bad but just the ending i dont quite get it.

Anyone ,does do email me to explain or tag me to explain yea? ahha (:

And for dinner today, i have 7 xiaolongbao. YUMMYUMM! (((:

while bff angeline had curry with man tou, and a ice plum tea. (:

This particular resturant alike, is something , i think i reccommend you peeps to try it out.
If you want to hav girls/boys time together or even boyfriendgirlfriend time out,
should go there.
They have the nicest chinwesternese ambience, is peaceful not noisy like some resturant.
And their service is great as well! (: & whats more the pricing are all reasonable just like
my 8xiaolongbao for only $8 , aisnt that awesome? AND best thing is really yummmy !
And currently they are offering a promotion instore for the curry set meal.

Is pretty reasonable too,
you peeps should ought to try this resturant alike out @ THE CATHAY( just beside plaza singapura) @ basement , Resturant-alike named: FORMOSA DELIGHTS ( is at the conern actually. )

toodools darlings, i got to run! (:
Clothes for the day:
Outer piece(black) :
Inner piece(petite coat):
belt: Far east plaza


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