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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vanity Spreeeeeee (;

Is been a long time since i does a vanity spreeeees.
Went to ettusais counter @ bugis junction today again, to get more item(s)
Must be wondering, why the sudden urge of vanity sprees. Well and is all because of (S).
And besides that, i am having a movie date with (S) & Chipmunks this coming friday. (:

And so, i got this item(s):
-zero pore pact refill&gentle makeup solution&-makeup base
-Square Compact Case

So here's are the range of item(s) i got at ettusais:
I think , i am going back there tmr to get some lip base(:

Hopefully by then my pikachu cheeks that i have now,
should have tone down on the redness.
I hate whenever i got the pikachu cheeks. I shall tahan afew more days, i am going back to see my skin doctor for it already. *TAHAN HANNAH TAHAN !*

Awesome aisnt they?!
Ever since i saw zoeraymond's blog about ettusais . I went to get some stuff there & try it. is pretty gentle to my sensitive skin. And ther's always this sweet looking yet attentive counter girl(s), always be answering your enquires about your skin. (;

Really enjoy my vanity shopping today, exspecially for the good customer service i receive today. It does makes my day. (((:

Other then the others counter-girl(s) of makeup(s) , some hav very bad attuides. I mean bad to the extend ,they wouldnt be bothering like asking you: hi do you need help , or can i assist you? They will either giving you the Ohmydame attiude face or even just chitchat away with their friends or even worst stone/rot there instead.

Next, went over to Mitju, my favourite pumps/heelies/wedges store!
They have really nice pumps & heelies && wedges.
But the thing about Mitju is, they always OOS the size i wore, so almost everytime i dont get the item that caught my eyes first. But still, today this baby here ,caught my eyes!
( i am not sure does it caught your eyes here, but i tell you this baby here,
looks alot better in real life! )

Anyway afterall i did enjoy today,
and as usual met up with jo @ plaza sing & went around hunting for food.
Lastly, walked over to school (:

Pssss/: ( in case you must be wondering what my pikachu cheeks stands for)
It actually means that: i ate something that i am not suppose to eat( which i still cant find out which food, allow it to turn to pikachu cheeks!Zzzzz) and i am allergy to it. And ther goes the two small pikachu rosy cheeks,*one on each side*.
( it looks really werid ,i tell you. When i am totally off my eyeliner & gloss it look as if i've applyed too much blusher, when i am not applying on anything elsa. )

Alright darlings, gotta run & catch up on my beauty sleep! (:
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