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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry jolly Xmas, everyone!

How did you spend your eve & xmas?
I spend my Eve watching movie : avartar with my family & coursins.
I enjoy the family bonding time together, is not something you get to do every often in your daily life! Oh well, the movie we catch on the eve, is really really awesome. I really like the 3d spec at shaw , is soo much better then golden village , gv 3d spec is always slipping down from my nose, due to my small face(includes small nose ,small eyes...) Ahh well, enough of the crap!

So wondering how i spend my Xmas?
I woke up early in the morning & have breakfast with family & coursin.
Next home-ed for spring cleaning in my room, cool right? I SPRING CLEAN MY ROOM ON XMAS DAY! (:
And what comes after spring cleaning? Answer: A LONG REST OF COURSE!

Yepp, a longlong rest.!
Slept till 6pm+ , off to parkway foodcourt for dinner with family & coursins(:
Then window shopped with coursin raph alittle, they are soo many good offers around.
I think i am going to grab it this coming sunday! HEHES!

I guess thats about all,
i will stop here alright, next post will be the post i mention earlier on then!
Sorry to keep you waiting! (:


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