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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shopping spree with Coursin Raphael & BFF Angeline!

Shopped & search high&low for some unqiue items the whole day.
From plaza singapura to Raffles city shopping center to Penisular to bugis junction to iluma
& then back to plaza singapura again. Zzzzz

It felt like we had walk the whole town today, leg is aching now. ):
But still enjoy my shopping with the two of them, especially with the cute coursin of mine.! ((:
Wellwell, been to iluma to search for the pushcart that sells my limited edition lipsmackers,
tsktsk, but the worst thing happen: -> PUSHCART GONE! Dangzzzz. How awesome liao loh.
Next time, see something really must buy double, if not, )))):

But well, still manage to shopped something out of iluma today with raphael ,
Got myself afew cards & cute diy fold box(s) at ameba. The items ther really is cute & all
Raphael got himself a nice lava lamp, tstk. i am green with envy , but i cant get it. ....
Cause my room doesnt have a place to hold/place the lamp.So forgo the lamp then, but well at least i still got my stuffszzz,. anyway here's the items i got myself then (:
Next, went plaza singapura to get my expensive shamppoo&conditional.

Heard of this brand before? Even brad pitt uses this brand.
What do you think ,ahah(:
Wellwell, despite the expensive price tag, but still for beauty sake got to be vain abitabit right.
Tell me which girls/boys is not vain AT ALL?
Wellwell, eventually it left a hole in my pocket due to the PRICE TAG of it.
Butbut , okokay i am going to psycho myself is going to worth the price, i will be getting softer hair soon! (((: Mad happy. WHEE.
& bused home with raphael to parkway to meet up with Rosemary aunt & coursin Zera.
Had dinner at food court, was really famished by then already. Had a plate of nice duck rice.
YUMYUM!, then window shopped at cotton on,
& home swweeet home! (:


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