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Monday, November 30, 2009

Friends,Ink & Shop.

Met up with adeline today at parkway, my first time meeting her.
Quite nervous for a moment tho, despite she is a girl. (dont ask me why i would feel nervous /paiseh cause i think she is someone i just knew online so rather awkward still,hee), but she is really a nice sweet friendly girl to talk to .
Firstly,went looking high&low for heelies & pumps.
But unforunatly , couldnt find anything really nice.

And also went back to istena to check out my leopard print bra, but unforunatly again my size is oos!. ): Dangszzz,& so headed to this dontknow what is called place at the basement & spend like going 20$ for this cute stamps:
Is sooo cute ,that i am soo going to d-i-y some sweet litle stufffzz for friends & love ones.
Maybe also add alittle touch of surprise for them tooo, ((;
wheee, dame happy. And i am also getting the color ink pads soon!, so that the stamps will turn out c-o-l-o-u-r-f-u-l, rather then the blue/black dull ones. (:

Next, i got this chocolate heart wooden paper clips, the chocolate color really caught my eyes,
well it doesnt really comes cheap, but is cute to the max that i think if i dont buy it out of the shop, i
would really regret if the item went oos.

Then lastly this cute mini capsule note. Something you could write whisper thru the tiny note & placed in there, see how cute it was. It came in many colors, i got really the urge to get them all.!
& then home sweet home (:
night lovely readers. (:
Ps/: Advance happy nineteen to BFF Angeline. cheers (:


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