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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Out with BFF Jiahui.

Time was passing mad fast today, teddy came over to my place to kept me accompany till evening.
teddy was being soo sweet today, to come all the way from his place to mine, despite that he injure his heel. (Awww, poor thing ,aisnt it?!)
He went homed, while i went over to plaza singapura to met up with my pretty BFF Jiahui.
Is been really a long long time ,since we met out for c.nai/shopping/gossips/heart to heart talk.
Was soo elated to meet her today, also excited that we registered our dancing class today at o'school.
Was slightly late for the meeting up with her at the bustop today, *SORRY,BABE*
Next ,we are both sooooo famished that we went to have macdonalds for dinner.
Is really a nice dinner time out for both of us. Cause she is always packed with school stuff etc etc.
But , still enjoyed today, i told her we got to go for vanity spree someday too!. WHEE!

After dinner, went over to bencoolen street, where o'school is.
But only to realise that they have shifted,and thanks to bingzong for telling me over the phone
how we should get to the area. This part is where, the really workout starts, as in we searched the whole lavander ,just to get to o'school. silly muchmuch?! Worst part is that, o'school is just near us, we didnt even realise & still walk round & round about it.
But soon after thanks to the ahma(s)/auntys around the area, they told us the direction for o'school.
Dame ! why aisnt o'school at bencoolen streetv anymore, so that next year i could go there easily too, after school. Since next year school will be at town area too.
Anyway, really happy to sign our dance class up already, the new class is starting next year.
Excited muchmuch also, haha.! Really is ONE STONE KILL TWO BIRDS.
Learning the proper way to dance & so, and also to slim down. Cool hor?!
But also dame cool to my pocket,120$ jus left my pocket today, ):

But worth it, for interest /accompanying BFF/slim down, (:
Afternext, went over to around plaza singapura again.
For lan-gaming, cause this BFF of mine got the audition feeling , so head over to play afew rounds.
I am alreeady rusty for it, laughs. Is been awhile since i played. Played using Bff's spare(s) acccount, a male character. Cool yea?! (:

After hours of gaming, decided to cabb-ed home as BFF got to pick up some stuff over my place.
And after she left, time to appreciate the Birthday gift & advance Xmas gift she got for me.
Is really cute, especailly the cute rabbit bag & also the hellokitty hair clip.!
so long readers, hit the sack now.
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