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Friday, December 4, 2009

Look at our silly faces,

Damezzz blogger photo uploading is mad slow.
couldnt update the rest of the photos. Oh well, might as well settle with above
cam-whoring shots, is good enough already. (: Perhaps, blogger photo uploading system just aisnt fated to post out my coach lunch bag. MOMMY IS LOVED!
She got me a coach lunch bag from US, awesome right>!? Despite we still have arguments but she still gets it for me as a belated birthday gift(: hee.
Ah well, had another long day today,went over to granny's house in the morning
as usual,& BFF Angeline came over to find me. After much, slacking&snacking at granny's place, headed over to kallang for my admin post interview. And guess what?! I have been hired! Really happy about it, starting pay is 1200$ , not that much to some? But well, i guess is quite alot already, slowly take step by step climbing up (:
After interview, went over to cityplaza for lunch @ anorld's chicken. YUMYUM
,i say ! But i only ate 1 piece chicken, is pretty spicy for me, & i couldnt take it, gulp down my rootbeer like nobody business.
Next, headed around for some good shopping.
But sadly to said, nothing caught our eyes.! dangzzz!
But , hellokitty caught our eyes. Got load of items on kitty today, even a towel of it! Wheeeew ! Happy muchmuch,
& then home sweet home. (:


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