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Monday, December 7, 2009


Excited for my first day of job today, & the best part is : am working with my BFF Angeline, thats means = No more lonely part.
Make stupid faces to eachother even at work, haha . how funny was it.
Oh yes, thought admin was a tough one,around this company but is wasnt tough.
Is pretty funny, stapling & typing & printing thats all i does, sound simple hur?

Oh well, things went pretty well today, only my heels gives me painful blister again. Thank to mommyBEST, she pass me plasters to put in my bag, and PLASTER SAVE THE DAY! (:

Standard Char run 2009,
whew! like finally the whole thing ended.
And yes, i went for my run, tho is just a 10km run. But i enjoy,
would like to try something new. Like the first time was : 5km shape run,
This time was 10km standard char run, awesome! Tho , i ran about 1hour 49mins for 10km run, but well to me is : only time, only target. Heard of this before?
Is not about how fast or the timing, is about yourself, dont exert if you cant. (:
Oh yes, no pictures for the day, sorry! I was mad tired ,so nopenope photos .SORRY! )":

5th december 2009
Catch Twilight Saga New Moon with kelvin in the late evening,like finally.
Not really very excited about the movie ,thats because i already read all the books.! But still,in terms of looks,
i prefer jacob then cullen, hees! Jacob is soooo MACHO ! (:
He got the NUM Sales boys figure, wheee! ((((:
HAHAH, i guess i am just mad loving the guys at NUM, i mean their figure lah! ahah.
Hey dearies, really sorry for combining posts together.
Am reallyreally tired after work,
but still i try my best to blog this out yea.
Sorry peeps, will blog again soon!
loveloves !

Nighties earthlings,


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