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Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's here!!, it's here!!
Kittylab, Memorable day i had ! (:
Time checked @ 11.55pm now.
Am beat tired, will turn in after i post up this whole post. (:
Spent my whole day out, with goodfriend Chanloong (:
He's been a really nice friend to like go out with, anywhere i want to.
Even if he is dame tired, he will definatly drag his feeet out,* thanks friend*
Starting off with noon, cabbed down to Beach Road with goodfriend Chanloong to collect my free Limited Edition Essential Tote bag. I won it, by purchasing the shamppoo & conditional.
So hengs can!? And the best thing of all , the bag is mad gorgeous!!! ((((:
This is it:
After collection, we cabbed again , to expo hall 1.
To get our kittylab tix , the whole thing is like dame awesome. You know what,
I feel like going in the second time, seriously! i dont mind ,despite the tix doesnt come cheap.
alright, & i also spent quite a bomb in there, to get the limited editions stufff. (:
See the following pictures we got, watch out for hannah most unglam shots!
At the entrance!!
Tickets to kittylab!!
Map to guide you to playing games in the lab!

My hellokitty landyard, & tickets. Better then gucci landyard!!
And oh, btw forgotten to let you peeps know.
If you are able to collect the whole game in the lab within 35mins, you will get a kittylab badge.
And here's we got it:

And on our way out, the signboards are prettpretty cute, just like mrt signboards:
Apple line ~ Kitty line~ cookie line~ Lab line~

How cute is that, right?!
and oh , at last got the personalise kitty id, the games you played in the lab, will be the id card you bringing home!
And lastly of course , to spend at their limited editions stuff.
I tell you the stuff are cute lah, but i dont have soo much moohlahs, with me already.
so i spend one 3 hellokitty apple pens, hellokitty key holder & a 4GB hellokitty Thumbdrive.
Envy me mucmuch? Is limited edition, only if you go to kittylab to get it. wahahaha.

And so lastly, to take photos , butbut...
currently the photos have not yet send to me, will upload once it send over to me! (:
Here's what i purchase for $10, get a hellokitty game cd rom, a big poster, & some kind of A-cash like stuff, to play on hellokitty games.
Awesome muchmuch?
I enjoy my day out, (:
Nights, everyone! (:


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