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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Happy Blues.


Sorry for the suppper late update.
Will update as often as i can! (:

Sorry peeps! =X

Happy to shared with everyone of you this great thing i recieved just recently.
Sony Ericsson limited edition Hellokitty Phone.
My pre-birthday gift from Uncle Philip,AWESOME!
Though it doesnt features muchmuch, well at least is in pink! Aisnt that Awesome?!
Whats more, is hellokitty!!! WHEEEEW.!
Am so glad that my 19th birthday is coming on the way,
This year ther will be no chalet/no bbq , i got soo sick of opening them year by year.
Just a simple celebration at granny place &
hanging out with my Bff(s) for a meal & ofcourse with sweetheart*.
Awesome, i cant waitwait !
Cant wait for next wednesday also,
Korkor bringing me on a shopping sprree, as a birthday gift for me!
Suppper hell awesome! I am so going to love this shopping manz.!!!! ((((:
And oh god! , recently i spend a HUGE BOMB on online shopping. ))):
The great customer services & offers are like dame great manzzz.
Will do up a online shopping review pretty soon.
Soooo thats a hint, ask/get me outta of the house soon.
So i will stop hogging on the lappy , and clickclick ,add to pushcart!.
Jiahui- I miss foot scrub at far east plaza, !
Gladys- I miss having good foood, good gossips, good evrthing!
Tracy,Emily,Michelle - ME MISS YOU! (:
JJ,ANDY,KAIWEN,KEL -I miss the time we hang out! (:
DEZER: I am excited for the surprise! ((((((((:


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