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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who wants hannah for birthday/Xmas present?

laughs, Why the title of this post?
Well, receive manymany texts that surprise me ,texting me happybirthday & also
hope you will find a good embracing guy /or even hope you find a boyfriend before 20.
Laughs, so here's i am playing with my ribbon.
Anyone's want hannah for Xmas / Birthday present? Laughs.

Anyways, special thanks to the following people who remembered my birthday.! (:
Kyria,Xiaojie,Jiarong,Ping Kwang,Roy,Maxerus,Chan Long,
Dezer,Kenneth,Malcome,Aunt Doreen,Shiguan,Jiahui ' tpy,
Ben Goh,Tian Yong,Jason Chia,Angeline,Aunt Rosemary,
MommyBest,Zera,Michelle Tay,Poh Lee,Stanley Ng,Wendy,
Sarah,Gavin,Michelle Ng,Anita(Ex maid),Royce,Gladys,

Wellwell, had a simple Birthday this year.
No chalet nor bbq, just a simple one. (:
And the best of all, i enjoyed and appreciated muchmuch (:

Spend half my day at granny's place, Uncles/Aunt/MommyBest & granny celebrates my birthday.
Brought simple takeaways from Punggol Seafood Resturant, & a cake from The Pastisser.
Here's the photos of it:

&&&& last of all my birthday cake!, It seems like a normal fruit cake,but actually it cost like $83.
Cant believe it, butbut is supppper yummmmy! ((((:

Here's two picture of me & mom with our cutie pie(:

Well, It doesnt how much gifts nor the good food not, i ate.
Is about family, family ties.
Was really dumb found then, always thought my friends are the one there, but was sooo wrong.
The only ones in the world that doesnt backstab/betray you, are your family members.
They got to be my most awesome MommyBest/Granny/Uncles/Aunts/Coursins.
I am happy tho.

And oh how can i not mention what i wore & carry out today.
Here's what i wore:
-faux pink pearl headband from helen
-lace black dress from ohvola
-red bag from tianfenlan
-digtal camy from olympus

After that, met up with chanlong at granny's voiddeck,& he drove me to hougang mall to
bank in my moolahs, and drive round and round sengkang while wasting time to pass, & fetch xaiver up. And head for tampines mall, to collect our tix for movie,
As it's still a long way to catching the show, we ate at pasta mania.
And the pasta mania crew was really attentive, he look at my member card, and said happybirthday to me. (:
Thats called good customer services(:
See how Xavier & Chanlong pose at Pasta Mania. (:
And i ordered this apple crumble pizza:
Views: the apple is coated with caramel, is alittle too sweet. Or was it me who feel this way. hmmms. well, i ate a slice & all gone to Xaiver the food processer! WAHAHAH.

Movie title: 2012
Time check: 11.50pm
Venue: Tampines mall
Rating: 5 cheesy pasta to 5 cheesy pasta. (:
Personal view: Bible does says about world ending, well imagine the really ends like how the movie does. Than, shouldnt everyone start cherishing their loved ones even more?
I think is an interesting movie. (:
After movie, met up with Xiaver/chanlong's friends,
head over to EastCoast park Carl Jr for their fries.
And then home sweet home @ 4am! (:


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