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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping for Undies With BFF Angeline.
Woah , is been awhile since i last met up with BFF Angeline,
Busy with own stuff, and totally forget our promise like to meet up at least once a week.
And today, am very excited & happy to meet her up , like finally! (:
Well, head-ed to La Senza @ Vivocity with her.
Shopped afew undies , got 2 for myself, while Bff got 3 .(:
I like the Exspcially one of the design i got, It says: I am a KnockOut!
HAHA, pretty cute aisnt it?
Well, at least i get to wear it happily inside , *Cheeky smile*
After walking round, we are famished! & headed over to Macdonalds @ HabourFront.
I seems pretty outdated about the monopoly Macdonald is having.
Wellwell, even though i didnt get any Color estate, butbut at least i got myself a free Apple pie!(:
Done with eating, headed over to Plaza sinapura Cotton On Body for Undies shopping again!.
Picture of totals Undies from LaZena &CottonOn Body.
And donate $2 to charity or something like that at cotton on to get this Panda Bag! Cute aisnt it?
Goodness me! Seems like i am having a undies shopping mood today!.
&& Meeting Bff on friday, i cant wait for my bra(s) & flats shopping! Wheee.
& guess what came into the letterbox-y today?
My december free copy of seventeen!
Tada!, am off to see what the lastest good buys for Xmas! (:


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