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Friday, November 20, 2009


Wheeee! Suppper duuuupa happy lately(No doubt, i am sort of down over some stuff but, ) , meet up with my secondary school BFF Angeline lately. Catch up alotalot, even talk about our past/future and crack jokes like nobody bussiness, & not to mention our juicy gossips!!. (((((:

Oh yes, i got a bad news & good news.
Well, let's see which one first. Hmmms,
I think let's choose the badbad news .
Went for dentist visit today, guess what?
My baby tooth is dropping anytime, Holy shit manzzz! I seriously totally forgotten whats the feeling and everything like to drop a tooth. Zzzzz

Alright, i know is seems to be like no big deal, butbut the worst thing that is happening is, the adult tooth might not be able to grow out, which means i need to arrange an appt with a dentist & specialist to discuss about the pulling down of adult tooth & putting braces right away. Gosh!, is almost near year end, and this thing came.Shuckszzz big time manzzz.

Next, went for a nice pumpshoe shopping with BFF Angeline, @ Angmokio hub Mitju.
The particulary rosette nude pump caught my eyes, is dame pretty , i swear. !
IS only cheapcheap for around like $20++, sounds good yeah? Wellwell, another item caught my eyes just yet, but still thinking should i or should i not get it .....

After almost an hour of dragging my feets around Hub, we headed over to snack @ Crystal Jade bread. Ate carrot cake(Still taste as nice as ever),while BFF Angeline ate bread and also shared brewed chystamum tea. Yummyummy! Healthy hor, no soft drinks! (:

Next , went for some camwhoring with BFF angeline, check this two out! (:

(Pardon for my fringe, BAD FRINGE DAY! groan!zzZZ)

After muchmuch, we parted our ways, &
i trained over to cityhall meet Doreen Aunt & her friends.
Went to Suntec Convention Hall, something like a IT Fair, but they called it the warehouse sales. Got my birthday gift there(Canon EOS 450D,) too, from Doreen aunt! & Good things always comes after another. (Well at least ,for today ! [: ) The best part of it, it comes with manymany of the free gifts ,something you wont be even to get for free, unless you buy it. (eg:memory card,full stand tripod,dry box,......)

I got a Acer Aspire One Netbook, something like a laptop but in a small ver.

Super highly happy, totally perk my mood way up to the clouds! And the best thing is, i dont fork out a single cents! My uncle spon me this particular cute netbook.
Awesome, something i could bring for school next year!

Lastly , dinner @ Tony Roma's, Suntec outlet .
Sorry , was too busy enjoying food ,forgot to snap the good food,. SORRY!
I personally love the Ribs combo(one of the combo with the fish filet) &
also mushroom soup, is totally Yummy!(:

Home Sweet Home around 8pm !
Nights , honeybuns!.(:


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