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Sunday, October 18, 2009


yo, back with a wholesome load of photos this time!
Planned to blog last night, but i came back home with a pair of heavy lazy eyes,
So i am doing more today, to replaced you with a entry full of pictures ! (:

Let starts from Friday(16-October-2009) then,
Had a awesome day.
Met up with tracy, & thommas, slacked and ate at PlazaSingapura.
Went to arcade to see tracy shoot some balls for awhile ,
next head down to GrandCathay for our 3D movie: Cloudy with a chance meatballs.

Wheeeee! I am supppa excited about the movie.
Cause cause, it was my first time catching a 3D in cinema,
oh well i know it sound old-fashion.
But oh well, at least i catch it already, wearing the 3D spectacle makes me super tired.
Know why?
Cause my face or isit my nose is too small to hold the the spectacle,
it kept slipping down to my lower nose!
So i got to keep my both hands on the spec, not to let it keep slipping down.Dangszz.
But stillstill, is awesome.
The show is like prettypretty cute! (:
i rates : 5 burgers to 5 burgers ! ((:

Next entry : Saturday (17-October-2009)
Woke up super early in the morning.
Had Macdonald breakfast at MarineParade with mom& aunts.
Next, we cabbed down to our desinations! (:
Oh well, i regret not bringing my cammy to this trip.!
Thus, bear with my SonyEricsson W595 3.2mp Phone.
I promise i will go there some day again, and ofcourse bringing my darling cammy along! (:

Wellwell, and so walk through these beautiful places.
Want to have a nice stroll, with your crush/date? go to these placess!
Is all my first time there, so the pictures are here.!
I am the cammera-girl today!
cheeers to me! (((:

(thats how much fun ,they were playing. My mom & aunts, trying to get the ball in)

Nownow, this is my master/favourit piece of art work.
Seems like the pebbals & petals are leading you towards the swing! (:

Next, headed to Safra for dim-sum lunch!
How awesome is the good food! Yumyum!
Next we cabbed down to VivoCity, for some shopping!
Sadly to said, no shopping bags then!
Nothing muchmuch caught my eyes, only the ones in Pull&Bear!
And shit, Spent muchmuch mooohlahhs at Pull&Bear,thus now with a pockety dried up ):
But well, my awesome mommy said she would get me the leather jackt if i want.
Thus, i am still thinking. HAHA! (:

After walking pretty few rounds at vivo, Bam(xs) called to said he reached!
Wheee, and so i off to meet up with Bam(xs) ((:
Bam(xs) look pretty cute today , he seems to have grown taller again!
I feel like a shortie! ):
We went to LongJohn, cause Bam(xs) was hungry.
Aftermaths, not long after Xavier & Tracy came along.
Met up at GoldenVillage, to lined up to get tickets for movie : DARAH.

Oh well, no rating for this! Sorry!
Cause i didnt watch the whole movie, despite i paid 10bucks for it.
I know it sounds silly, cause i heard it was pretty gory, so i close my eyes most of the time till i felt asleep in the movie, and alsoplayed games on bam(xs) iphone! (:
Nice games in there!!
Xavier thinks i am really good, haha.
i actually manage to keep my hand on my eyes for whole 2 hours.
Anyways, after moive, i got a real scared off my life, Bam(xs) too!!

A girl walking round posing like DARAH!
Seriously , it did scared the wits out of me, butbut the funny thing wasBam(xs) ,
i seriously should video it down.!
He got scared out of his wits, till he ran back into the cinema, while screaming.
HAHA, the whole entrance of peepos laughed too.
He got intervieewd by some people ,ratings for the movie too.
Bam(xs) & Xavier took photo with DARAH*, end this off with their photo!


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