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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here comes a story of a girl ,with a broken smile.

Sudden had this werid urge to blog things that happen recently manzzz.
I wonder what the hell i am doing/thinking all this while.
Thus, i am landed in blur-ed & confusions state now.
I needed a pair of good listening ear & nice comfy shoulders to lie on or whateva.
I am just soo tired of getting hurt over & over again.
Be it friends or r/s, i am tired.

Have anyone feel like switching off your mind at times?
At times, i just really feel like switching off my mobile for at least one/two days .
Switch off my mind ,about everything. I am tired. Can anyone sense it?
I bet no one sense it, cause i dont often pour out things that makes me down in my blog.
I always kept my blog sooo perfect, but in the actual fact is am dealing with issues i never pour it out here. I guess i still dontknow how to start it out yet.
I am not a good writer, nor someones who really express feelings right in here.
The hurting words just kept repeating like a tune in my mind.
I hate to runaway from the problems/issues i am having.
But still, i doesnt have much courage to face it alone.
Enough of me ranting over sucha issues, will blog a post a happy post next time.
Anyways Bye, readers.
I got to hit the sack already, not feeling muchmuch well then. ):


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