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Monday, September 21, 2009

Silence tells you more.

Sorry peeps, not much photos up here ,regarding flea.
Too many booth, and the crowd is hell miserable. ):
( or maybe we choose the wrong area or so, )
Hmms, but somehow what actually perks me up alittle is i manage to get afew customer base tho. (;
I think this is a kind of experience,
something that would make you reflect and does alot of thinking about whats went wrong, and our size of rack is way too small, the cost of everything didnt cover up and so.
So i guess this is a good experience tho. (:

In the midst of the flea, dal & nick came, at least someone did come for me (:I love the sunny flower dal got for me, and that few mouthful of Ben &Jerry dal feed me with. (:

Sorry guys, not much photos are on flea.
More on me ,i guess.hees (:I didnt want to waste the maekup, you see.
So catch me with my flower.
I named it: SUNNY (:
My awesome mom,aunts & uncle & coursin came to pick me up at dempsey ,
And head to the central for a good dinner at billy bomber. (:
And did i mention that i love my sunny so much that,
she is sleeping in the air conditioned place: MY FRIGDE !(:


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