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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

命 中 注 定 我 愛 (fill in th blanks)

H-ello J-olly R-ead-ers-!
Back, with a wholesome of cam-whorings!
HAHA, so much for having eye-sore to read my blog again .! (:

Blogger is being soo *&^%$#@#$%% recently, kept getting so screwed up.
Oh well, at least is okay for this moment while i am blogging. (:

Ohoh, anyone knew of this drama called :"命中注定我愛你" ?
Is really really a suppppaaa nice & touching show! ,Iswear.
I cried almost every ep! And the songs are sooo just right for it.!
I had this very urge to buy the whole dvd.! ( i know i watch it already, but really i cant wait to have a copy of the dvd for myself!)

Anyways, recently i am sooo busy & stress up over the upcoming flea.
Is ExposedFashion first up-coming flea, really afraid there will be no sales and all. *stress* ):
thus, i put in really lot of efforts this time,if it really doesnt saleable, i will try and improve it again, i guess.
Oh well, have been going out and meet-ups my girlfriends recently.
And well, i realise this particular girlfriend(Jiahui) of mine ,she is awesome.
She came all the way down to my place to discuss the flea thingy & kept me accompany too!.
I bet my others girlfriends would grumble alittle if i were to asked them down, but is alright i guess. Sort of used to it already. (:
Now i really understands why B**** doesnt really like my friends that much, in the past.

Will update further . I promise!
(As long i have things to rant it out, or even topics to post it out i would blog .But still hopefully blogger doesnt screwed up that much!)
Mich: Miss miss you muchmuch! (:
Tracy: Hang out more often,
Lydia: takecare,
Jiahui: Thanks sooo much for the company, juicy gossips & lunch (:
Gladys:(: , you dont brood over soo much about your r/s , who knows you deserve someone better this time! (:
Emily:take care.
Sarah:meet up pretty soon.
Jessie: oh yes, i miss our meetup too.(:
Junhao: Thanks for the shopping company!


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