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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Woke up 5.30am this morning, & i dont feel the least tired at all.
Infact i feel E-X-C-I-T-E-D !
Had a slice of butter/peanututter bread &a pipping hot milo for breakfast.
Then off to head down to Raffles Boulevard to start the run!
Was astonished by the numbers and different age group and sizes
of the different young&old ladies participating!
( so dont look down on humans age& size!)
Running route for Shape Run'09:
Republic Avenue => Crawford Street => Nicoll Highway => Stadium Boulevard

What makes me really happy was,
A lazy girl like me actually did 5km in less then an hour! OHYES! ((((:
(iknowiknow, it sounds alitle retard, to some of you 5km is nothing, but to me is a bigbig thing!)

Anyways pictures for the run are here.
Manage to took afew, with my handfone due to lazness of bring my digital!

My timing!(:
YOGURT & VITAGEN is the right thing to come in after a long run.(:
Our runner's kit bag& Bib numbers!(:

After resting awhile on the ground like how everyone does,
cabb-ed down to club to meet up with Auntrosemary& uncle for lunch.
Had tunk lok classic for lunch.
Took down the the foody i had.
YUMMY Baked char siew bao.

AWESOME FWESOME mini egg tarts.

Soso xiao long bao.

@ last home sweet home! (:


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