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Friday, June 19, 2009

JUNE 19.
I'm good, I'm gone.

Happy 19th birthday, B****! (:
Happy 1 year friendship michelle darling! ((:

Hey readers!
Sooorry for the often spiderwebs over at my blogsite!!
HAHA, was real busy slimming down my tummy! Will update more often , i try alrights. (:
To peoples who kept saying that i am MIA-ing, oh noooo. I didnt actually. Just prolly lazy going on to msn. Yes, hannah is a lazy girl. She is been sucha a couch potatoes this days.
So people, is time to drag hannah out for moive treats & shopping! HAHHA

Met up with michelle this evening at bugis , & walked round bugis & iluma .
Is pretty boring tho. But still, is the gatherings then we missed. (:
Spend around 1hr plus at coffee bean, then michelle head off while i met noven up.

Was feeling real down tonight.
(i really didnt expect , the truth would make you dift away from me further)
Anyways, noven being sucha a nice friend , he came down to meet me then. (:


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