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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello 3rd of June!
(The best part of my life, is meeting you)
(This photos, were taken longlong time ago, but is like one of the best i liked them most.)

Remember how we got to know each other?
Remember how we almost every night we sms/text eachother before we were together?
Remember i always give you names even before we were together?
Remember when we first met at angmokio hub?
Remember the first time, we went for movie with junjie and group?
Remember the first time, you hold my hands and ask me to be your girlfriend on the train,
And i had to act i cant hear anything, yet you kept asking, till i say yes.
I remember how happy/elated i was when you asked me, cause i thought you werent interested in me or so.
Remember the first time i went to your place?
Remember the first time, i saw your bro & friends?
Remember you always took a long time to style your hair?
Remember how we will always watcch movies after your school?
Remember how i realise only that there's couple seat?
Remember you said my legs are smooth while watching kungfu panda?
Remember you will always make funny faces in the moive to make me laugh?
Remember how i always tag with you to bukit timah to,watch you to play pool?
Remember the first time, i celebrate your birthday?
Remember how we got sunburn badly at sentosa?
Remember our first real date at marina?
Remember you will always say i look cute or hot in clothes you think really look in?
Remember our first month annivasary, we went to sentosa?
Remember the time, we went to underwater, the naughtystingray that scare you out?
Remember the first time, you came over my place to stay over i am so elated!?
Remember i love taking photos with you,?
Remember when you were practising your bass,
i would always sneak a peek on my fone?
Remember when you sleeping or whatver, i will take a picture of you?
Remember the first time , we took soo many photos on train?
Remember the first time, we took almost album of photos at JJ house?
Remember the first time we head to chompchomp together?
Remember the first time, you came polyclinic to find me?
Remember the the small tiff we had over which cinema to catch?
Remember the 10 min cold war we had at train,
but i couldnt bear to see you standing far away from me so, i pacify you in the end.?
Remember how you scolded me fcuk, when we were at your place?
Remember i cried immediatly when you scolded me fcuk?
Remember how i smile so fast, after crying, cus you sayang me?
Remember the times, when all my friends turn their back at me cus of you?
Remember the times i cried soo hard infront of you?
Remember you told me i could always count on you, n friends?
Remember you said you will never leave me?
Remember you told nich off that even how much they say,
you wouldnt dump me for that kind of reason.
Do you know that i am that touch, i remember every single thing?
You might not be the most romantic guy,
You might not know how to sweet talks me,
You might not even know how to express your thoughts n feeling well,
You dont even say i loveyou, only for that veryvery special day when you just awake.
The littlest thing you did, people might not know,
but i myself alone knew it all.
Remember how we broke up, you told me you wasnt a good boyfriend
cause you were always scolding me, making me cry?
Remember how i told you, i dont mind at all?
Remember after breakup, you text me like nothing happen?
Remember i avoided you after breaking up, you asked : 'are you avoiding me?
Remember you asking michelle, where i am ,what am i doing, who i am with?
Remember i heard the conversation between you n tracy saying,
you did kinda of regret the breakup?
Remember when tracy, said i was gone you came to find me round your estate?
Remember i cry so hard every night just cus of you?
Remember i went to yoour place ,and cock up a excuse to get my things back
Is just soo much that i wanted to see you.
Remember how i hug you, and ask you not to breakit up?
Remember how i told you, even if i attempt suicdce you wouldnt care?
Remember you told me, that you actually care more then it.?
Remember how i ate 20panadols to end me life,ending up to puke out the bubbley stuff.
At the end of the day, i realise no matter how i tried to
be the girlfriend material you wanted,
you still think i wasnt good enough?
Would any silly girl go for a guy this way?
Staying at sengkang, and no matter what will rush down to pick boyfriend up at the nearest school mrt ,and accompany him homeat his place yew tee?
Remember how i would always surprise you with the things you wanted?
I might not be most pretttiest/intelligent/thinnest girl on
earth , but i am sure no one could beat how true i am to you.
Goodbye, bunny love.


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