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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The next IN drink. ((:
went over to marine parade today.
Brought two shorts from purpur, intended to get from cotton on. But i dontwant to be seen common i guess. ! hees. (;
(Whats great about it now is, now purpur is having a 20% off for the second piece you buy)
And head-ed to marine parade food market,
Saw this coco cola zero promoting near the macdonalds.
It goes like this, two bottles per person.
Whats more, is free.
Soooo being typical, my mom n aunts went to quene up too.
Aunt asked me to also.
Anyways, i think is quite a good idea to promote it this way tho.
How great if is at cine, i bet loadsloads of youngster would just grab it,since it SPELL FREE!
Pictures here:
Peepos qeuning up!

end of post,
bye readers.


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